helping companies find solutions to their biggest technology challenges

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helping companies find solutions to their biggest technology challenges

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We are disrupting the industry

Which is great news for you.

Why we attract the best talent

We do not have “employees”. Instead we partner with all our associates. We share profits with them and encourage them to be innovative entrepreneurs in their own right, thus growing the company and serving our clients better.

Price & Quality

In most cases, you will always have to choose between getting better price or better quality from a provider. The reason we can confidently compete on both fronts is that we are structured in a totally different way than most large consulting firms. This allows us to provide unparalelled value and top-shelf quality.


Our clients and our projects have their own unique character. Our startup mentality lends itself excellently to unmatched engagement flexibility and response speed, tailored to suit your specific needs. Let us create a delightful experience for your business

we are disrupting our industry by giving you the tools to disrupt your own

Superior Experience


Quality Experience and Ethics


After many years interacting with the biggest names in the indstry, we have excellent access to the local talent pool. On top of this, we have strict guidelines when it comes to talent selection, so you can always be sure you will be getting the highest calibre people working on your projects.


All of our consultants are highly experienced and we are constantly researching  industry best practices, both domestic and globally to ensure we stay on the cutting edge.


We are building our business on diligence, honesty and hard work. Without these pillars, all the capabilities we could amass are worth nothing. This is the very foundation of our business.

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